Japanese Tire Casings of high quality

For all tire retreaders of the world.

Tire Casings from Japan for trucks

A grade tire casings

Tire casings of Japanese brands have been very popular among tire retreaders in the world. We have 5 cooperative tire collecting yards throughout Japan and thus, we can supply you various size of casings, and all the tire casings have properly been stocked at each yard, waiting for loading.

Knowing importance of offering customers stable quality, inspection for grading is mandatory and enforeced 3 times up to tire stuffing into a container, for the initial inspection at the time of collection.

Then, second inspection is conducted when stocking collected ties at each tire yard. Then, final inspection is enforced just prior to tire loading (stuffing) into a container.

Hence, quality control has properly been enforced and thus, the quality is stable and trusted by our customers as we are fully aware of the importance of assuring customers of stable supply and quality.

Grading and payment

A grade

Virgin casings - No damage requiring major section repair.

No more than 2 nail holes for nylon casings and No nail holes for radial casings.

No tread skid, No bead damages/deformity, No circumferential cracking on bead area.

No obvious run low conditions, No tread cuts damaging nylon or steel cords.

No sidewall ripples, buldges but may have slight abrasions on sidewalls.

B grade

Virgin casings and may contain any of the following:

Previously repaired nailholes, maximum 3 nail holes for nylon casings and maximum 2 nail holes for radial casings.

Steel wire minor damages allowed for radial casings, and minor damage sidewall/shoulder may be present though rubber only.

Bead damages for rubber only, not reaching code underneath.

Maximum 2 patches may be present.

R-1 grade

Once retreaded tire casings and may contain any of the following:

Previously repaired damage, Tread cuts, skid for fabric or steel not exposed, sidewall damages to rubber aera only.

Maximum 2 patches may be present, and other conditions are the same as B grade.

Payment We would like to offer first time customers for 50% in advance and the balance to be paid upon the customer's receipt of copy of B/L. We will be flexible with the means of payment as we go along with future orders accordingly.
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Q and A - typical 3 Questions and Answers

Q1:What is the difference between casings and used tires?

Ans: Tire Casings are old tires whose tread patterns have been worn out, but structurally have no problem and thus suitable for retreading. Used Tires are old tires whose tread patterns still have some remaining tread depth and thus reusable without tire retreading.

Q2:What is STUDLESS type tread pattern?

ANS: STUDLESS patterns are for winter, and the tread patterns are for ice and snow condition of roads.

STUDLESS patterns are usually wider than summer patterns.

Q3:What is DOT of the tire casings?

ANS: DOT means Date Of Tire. ie, the year that the tires were manufactured originally by new tire makers.

For your information, the manufactured years of the tire casings we supply are minimum 2019 and younger for A and B grade casings, and 2018 and younger for R-1 grade casings as of Nov. 2023.