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High Quality FBL brand brake dis pads and linings

Popular around the world.

Brake Disk Pads

A grade tire casings

FBL has been the brand of quality and the leading manufacturer of brake disk pads, and linings in Japan for after market for over 60years. With world wide recognition and reputation for its superior quality, the brand name, FBL is well known throughout the world. FBL places the first priority on the quality control and has been manufacturing in Japan. FBL is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer and offers wide range of products for all brake parts.

For your inquiries, please kindly inform us the following factors, so we can identify correct part number for your rquired products.

1. OEM number : for example, 04465-12090, AY040-NS137, 06450-SJK-010., etc.

Though we consider OEM numbers are the best reference sources, if you do not know of OEM numbers, then, please let us have the following information.:

2. name of make: for example, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA, etc.

3. name of cars: for example, COROLLA, BLUEBIRD, CIVIC, etc.

4. name of models: for example, AE100, SU14, EG4, etc.

5. year made: for example, 1998, 2004, 2008, etc

6. your required q'ty: for example, 100sets, 500sets, etc.

Q and A - typical 3 Questions and Answers and Miscellaneous

Q1:What is the minimum order q'ty?

Ans: Minimum order q'ty is 500sets.

Q2:What is lead time?

ANS: Typical lead time is 3 months after our receipt of a firm order.

Q3:Are FBL disk pads CE certified?

ANS: NO, but FBL products are certified for JIS (Japan Industrial Standard).


Please importantly be noted that due to popularity of FBL products that there are some cases where we can not supply the products due to existance of an already established sales route to our regret.