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Our office is located in Suginami-ku Tokyo

Easy access from Shinjyuku station, only 15min. away.


A grade tire casings

This site,, is operated by BRIDGE ESTATE INC.

BRIDGE ESTATE INC. is a newly established company in Jan. 2017.

Though the company is very young, the founder has much knowledge and experience in international trading business for his main handling products being tire casings for retreading and used tires as he had worked for an international trading company for 25 years for his main business terriory in North and Central America, and South Africa and used to be travelling around the world for the business.

We believe it is important for us to fulfill expectation of our clients with supplying required products, delivering ordered items in time, offering quality of the products and high level of service to our clients.

Because tire casings are second hand products, and special care for quality control is required, we are here to inspect the tire casings and used tires and ensure the quality of the products for our clients.

Our major markets are USA, The Republic of South Africa and European countries, and in recent years, we have focused in Central and South American countries. Because of the long experience in suplying casing business, our casings have high reputation throughout the world for the quality and competitive prices.

We are quite confident for supplying tire casings to the required level by the customers, and also that we can establish a long term relationships with customers into the future through the tire business, and we are looking forward to doing business with customers. Please feel free to contact us.