High quality tire casings, used tires and retreaded tires.

Retreaded tires are now available as our new product line.


Tire Casings

Tire casings for retreading are defined as the used tires whose treads have been worn out but structually stable and usable; thus suitable for tire retreading.

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Used Tires

Used tires are defiend as the used tires whose treads still have good remaining depth and thus can be used as they are without tire retreading.

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Retreaded Tires

Proudly present Retreaded new tires, using Japanese high quality tire casings, retreaded at a reliable retreading factory in Taiwan, very durable and competitive prices for you.

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Brake Pads

Brakes are very important for all drivers. FBL brake pads are purely made in Japan and thus offers great safety for your car life. 

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About us

The site, japanesecasings.net has been in operation for over 25 years, formerly operated by an international trading company, and since Jan. 2017 operated by BRIDGE ESTATE INC.
Our major markets are American continents, North America, Central America and South American countries.
As the founder has an experience of supplying high quality Japan made used tires and tire casings to the world for over 30 years as he used to work for affore mentiond the international trading company, having engaged in import and export of industrial products as well as tire casings and used tires, thus, knowing A to Z of the tire business and international logistics.

We surely understand that in tire casings and used tire business, competitive prices are one of the important factors; at the same time, we recognize importance of offering customers quality of the products and provide a cost effective logistic solution since tire casings and used tires are used products, and quality control is the most important factor in the business.
We assure you for a constant supply of the products and high level of quality for our tire casing and used tires.